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By giving as many people as possible the chance to look after their health by natural means, the Bodypur Laboratory has become a leading player in the field of new generation anti-ageing medication.

Firmly convinced that ageing is not inevitable, the Bodypur anti-ageing Medicine Laboratory offers you a range of innovative, high quality products.

Since it was founded the Bodypur Laboratory has been working with a committee of experts, all of whom are anti-ageing specialists in their fields, ensuring the expertise and high level of security of our brand, such as:


Dr Claude Dalle

A doctor specialised in anti-ageing medicine.

Teacher in preventive anti-ageing medicine at Paris V Descartes university, Dijon, Milan and Berlin.

President of the French Anti-ageing Association and of Wosiam (French association of anti-ageing doctors),

Vice-President of ESIM (European Society of Integrative Medicine) and of the scientific committee of Doxton (assistance with diagnosis in preventive and anti-ageing medicine).

He is a member of the IHS (International Hormone Society).


Dr Jean François BEZOT

Doctor in Medical Biology.

Vice-President of the French Anti-ageing medicine society.

A recognised expert in the biology of systems.

Manages the first analytical laboratory devoted to alternative medicines.


Since its creation, the Bodypur laboratory has collaborated with a panel of anti-ageing specialists and experts to guarantee the expertise and high security of our brand. Each of our nutritional supplements is therefore developed according to the highest quality standards in order to preserve and maximize your health.

This means that when you choose a Bodypur product, you are sure to get the best of what exists today in the field of health and anti-ageing as our products are formulated by Research and Development centre (in collaboration with the best biologists and doctors recognized worldwide in this field).

In fact, the products in the BODYPUR range are carefully made with the best active ingredients and at dosages that are perfectly adapted to provide maximum efficiency as well as safety for your health.

Thanks to the high quality of the BODYPUR products, you will find, after first using one of our products, a noticeable difference with the competing offers presently on the market.

Experience, expertise, innovation, trust and guaranteed results are the fundamental principles that are includedas qualities in the DNA of our brand to ensure excellence and the satisfaction of our customers.

You can also easily check that our products are among the bestnatural products on the market. When we combine multiple active ingredients into a single formula, each ingredient is added only ifit has a specific and unique benefit. Because of this, our formulations each have an optimal active synergy that makes the product very effective.

Finally, we use the most respectful manufacturing technologies that guarantee and preserve the high quality of our ingredients in order to protect their active molecules and improve their bioavailability.

For example, when you choose a BODYPUR product, you can rest assured that your investment is not in vain and that the proposed formulas act with a real efficiency at the very heart of your cells, by giving them the right dosage of whatever they need to guarantee your health, vitality and longevity.

To guarantee the reliability and validity of our formulas, you can even carry out the Before / After experience before testing our products. We will give you the address to send your analysis once the treatment of one of our products has been completed to see the proven effectiveness.

If the analysis turns out to be negative and without results, simply return any boxes (including those you have started) at any time and without any explanation, and we will refund them immediately.

We are confident in the ability of our products to help you lead a better, longer and more active life. However, our experience with nutritherapy has taught us that everyone is unique and that the benefits of a product can vary from person to person.

Although most of our dietary supplements have almost immediate beneficial effects on your health, in most cases you will only begin to feel them working after two or three months of regular use.

With age, your body weakens and your ability to absorb essential nutrients found in food decreases.

This is why more and more experts now recommend supplementing daily.

Dietary supplements, when dosed correctly, are a simple, effective and safe way to meet your nutritional deficiencies and enhance your health.
For each of our products, BODYPUR recommends a dosage as well as an ideal duration to best benefit from their effectiveness.

3 statutes of excellence for food supplements have certifiedthe ethical label and the high tolerance of BODYPUR products.

  • No petroleum derivatives, PEG, paraffin or paraben;
  • No artificial colourings or synthetic fragrances;
  • Tested and validated by the professional and medical authorities.

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